Sunday, August 19, 2012

That Metal Show with Chipper Jones

  Sounding more like a song by Judas Priest than a card set, Fleer's Metal Universe was one set I never collected upon its release. Perhaps that's because I've never been a comic book reader/collector. I will give the company credit, though: it was a very unique set.

 And while I still don't have an interest in the base set, the same can't be said of the insert sets.

1999 Planet Metal #4 Chipper Jones

  These interesting die-cut cards were inserted 1:36 packs and featured fifteen of the games best players.

1999 Boyz with the Wood #10 Chipper Jones

  When I ordered this one, I didn't realize the cards in this insert set were folded. At first sight, I thought the card was a victim of an xacto-knife.

2000 Hit Machines #10 Chipper Jones

Yep...40 years old and hitting .315- Jones would have attained 3000 hits for his career if not for time missed due to injuries.


  1. Stocking up on some older Chipper cards I see? Not a bad idea!

  2. Nice! I have a few Piazzas from that set that I couldn't enjoy more.

  3. Wow... that Planet Metal insert is beautiful. Love me some 90's Metal cards.

  4. Yep- Been trying to pick up some of the inserts and odd-balls of Jones. I had a pc of him years ago-before I got out of the hobby for a few years- and decided to start it back up.

    re: Piazza- I know he plays drums & I believe he was/is a fan of metal. Perhaps they should have done a subset playing off their name & the musical genre. He would have been a perfect candidate!

    Fuji- aren't they? After years of focusing primarily on Topps cards, I'm just now beginning to appreciate much of the 'junk' from the 90s!

  5. Those Planet Metal cards were amazing then and they still are.