Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cards You're Not Likely To See: Allen & Ginter World's Greatest Liars

"Running with the Devil..."~ Van Halen

World's Greatest Liars- Politicians #250 (Well, not really)

 So, we have Joy Behar calling Paul Ryan  "The Devil in Disguise" and Jeb Bush asserting that people don't relate to Mitt Romney because of tv ads which depict the GOP candidate as the devil himself. Just a few months ago, John Rocker declared that he would rather vote for the devil than Obama. [Yes-that John Rocker]. And let's not forget Korn frontman Jonathan Davis, whose alter-ego JDevil has made a pretty convincing case for President Obama being the prince of darkness . Joe Biden even admitted on The View that President Obama laughed like the devil at his infamous F-Bomb. All this talk of politicians and Satan makes sense; he is, after all, the 'father of lies.'

And, of course, the devil is in the details-which is why I never get too excited for any one candidate.

While I try to keep my political views to myself and off the blog, I will admit this: I think very little of politicians and have no love for them. If asked my party affiliation, I'm more likely to respond, "disgruntled."

And so, please, don't take this custom card I have posted as reflecting any kind of party affiliation. It is what it is: a reflection of how I view politicians in general.


  1. You do know his name is actually Paul Ryan, right?

  2. Oh, crap! Yes, I do know that. I guess I'm so use to talking about Ron and Rand Paul that it just came out that way. Do I feel stupid!
    Thanks for pointing it out!