Friday, September 28, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: 1992 Classic Fisher Nuts Chipper Jones

1992 Classic/Best Fisher Stars of the Future #5
  This 20 card set was available for a short time from Fisher Nuts with a proof of purchase. Other future big leaguers in the set included Cliff Floyd, Carlos Delgado, Dimitri Young, and Rondell White. Unfortunately, the card front utilizes the same design and photo as Chipper's base Classic/Best card-as well as the Red Bonus insert cards.  
  While minor league issues abound, I can't say that I have seen many 'food-issues'. In fact, aside from this set, I don't think I've seen any other minor league food-issues. Can anyone confirm any other such releases?


  1. I have 30 unopened packages I think with 4 cards in each. There are 5 of them with Chipper Jones showing! Love the cards!

    1. Awesome! I commend your self-control; I would have broke the packs long ago!

  2. I did open 20... i had gotten around 50 unopened from a yard sale. After 20 packs i figured i had enough chipper jontes for now. so now i have around 30 collectong dust. send me your address at jasonjasonp12@gmail (dot) com i got a bunch of braves cards you may love.