Tuesday, October 16, 2012

2012 Topps Update Jumbo Pack

  I took my son to Walmart last weekend to get his hunting license. While there, I decided to see if they were carrying any Topps Update; Target would be my normal choice for checking retail, but they didn't have any the last time I checked. Sho 'nuff, Wally World had some, so I picked up what will probably be the only pack I buy of the stuff. As much as would like to collect the set, I am no longer going to play Topps' game of trying to chase down the super short prints of traded players (AGon, Crawford, Beckett, etc.) who are otherwise not in the base set. In my opinion, without them, the set is incomplete. But I digress.

  Oh, yes, the cards...

  While I won't go through all 36 cards, I will feature some of the highlights from the jumbo pack-

#PPO-9 Barack Obama 'Florida' Predictor Card~ Important swing state; sounds like Romney is making up some serious ground in the state-among both Latinos and the retirees. Hopefully he (the president) won't be smiling after this evening's debate. Anyway- yet another gimmick by Topps. What gets me is that the card has no details on the sweepstakes-only to visit topps.com for info. So, I go there and cannot find any information. Not even after running a search on their site. Way to go Topps- your website sucks.

#BB-10 Blockbusters 'Tigers Get Fielder'~ Remember how foolish that signing looked after the Tigers' slow start? They were written off by August, and we were all thinking more along the lines of "Lackluster" instead of blockbuster. Who's laughing now?

#US103 Jack Wilson~ The one and only Brave out of the pack. Injury, lack of production, and the trade for Paul Janish made Jackie boy irrelevant. Wilson eventually called it quits on his big league career.

Post Season Hero's 

#US21 Buster Posey All-Star

#US216 Matt Cain All-Star

#US211 Matt Cain/Checklist

#US15 Justin Verlander All-Star~ here's to hoping he shuts down the AAA team that the Yanks will probably field tonight!

#US86 Anibal Sanchez-The man shut down ARod, Cano, Granddy, Swisher, and Tex! Wait-so has everyone else...

#554 Raul Ibanez Gold (#0220/2012)~ Rauuuuuul!

#US118 David Freese All-Star Gold (#1357/2012)

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