Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Chops Custom Cards- Slide Stars: Derek Trucks

   If you have never heard of Derek Trucks, but the last name sounds familiar, you're probably one who loves baseball history, collects vintage cardboard, or both. 

   For those not familiar with him, Derek is one of the best guitarists in the world- known for his soulful slide work, with a style which incorporates jazz, blues, soul, southern rock, and various world music. As a child prodigy, Trucks performed live with Buddy Guy and toured with The Allman Brothers Band (his uncle Butch was a founding member) by age 13. He became a full-time member of the Allman Brothers by age twenty. 

  He is also the great-nephew of former MLB pitcher Virgil Trucks. Peter Gammons once wrote a piece for about the guitar legend meeting his relative for the first time-it's a great article, and can be read here.

   Perhaps I should have gone with a photo of the Dunlop Derek Trucks Signature Slide to give this a more authentic look, but I wanted something to use on other cards as well. Oh, well- I do like the chromed steel look on this one, and the white lettering fits in the slide nicely. 


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