Friday, October 19, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: 1992 Pacific/McDonald's Cardinals Walker Cooper

 (back photo off of COMC)
   Produced by Pacific Trading Cards in 1992 and celebrating the 100th anniversary of the St. Louis Cardinals, this set, done in conjunction with McDonalds, contained 55 cards of players past and (at the time) present.
  While I was never a fan of the company, I do find this set to be an attractive one. Featuring a great player selection, the set also includes a nice use of the Cards 100th anniversary logo, a solid gold bar on the top and bottom of card, and the classic Red/Yellow logo of the fast-food chain which all lend to a nice, clean front. Not only do I like the simplicity of the design, but I haven't seen many sets which have been able to use black and white photographs effectively. This one does-although not all the fronts are b/w; there's also a good selection of cards with color photos on the fronts.
  The card backs contain some unique features: a nice inclusion of the Ronald McDonald Children's Charities logo in the middle of the card, directly above the stats. Speaking of stats, by including only a Cardinals and Career line, it allows more space for a write-up by the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. This, too, is a great idea by the company.
  If I were a Cardinal collector- or more ambitious in my odd-ball collection- I would definitely look to put this one together.

  Speaking of MickeyD's, who can forget Eddie Murphy's classic "We got McDonalds, we got McDonalds!"?

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  1. Thanks for sharing... never heard/seen this set before. It definitely looks like a must have set for Cardinals fans.