Friday, October 5, 2012

The End

"This is the end, beautiful friend. This is the end, my only friend, the end. Of our elaborate plans, the end. Of everything that stands, the end. No safety or surprise, the end. I'll never look into your eyes...again. Can you picture what will be-so limitless and free. Desperately in need of some strangers hand, in a desperate land...This is the end, my only friend, the end. It hurts to set you free..."
~Jim Morrison, The Doors' 'The End'

 No way his career should have ended in such an ugly game.
Word can't describe how pissed off and disappointed I am right now.
Screw MLB, screw Bud Selig for the 1 game playoff, and screw the umpires from tonight's game. Horrible, just horrible!


  1. Sorry about that Braves fan friend, my wife is a Braves fan and I'm a Rockies/Cardinals fan so we both watched in disbelief/amazement...way to go NFL replacement refs, you screwed up again! But don't feel bad, google bad call in 1985 world series. The Cardinals lost to Royals in an even worse call. It happens...just look at the Packers and Seahawks last week. Chipper is a lock in the hall! He had a great ride, and at least didn't let last years epic fail at the end of the season end his ride!

  2. Yeah... terrible call. But that's one helluva custom. Great card!