Saturday, November 10, 2012

100 Card Challenge #3: Mega Prospects

  Continuing the quest to best the value found in Topps Heritage High Number set, I turn my attention to Mega Prospects.

   The  Heritage High Numbers boasts Harper, Darvish, and Cespedes in its regular set and autographed checklist. Pulling a Harper auto might be worthwhile, but I question the long-term value of a Darvish and Cespedes. Hype tends to soften, interest often wanes, and values tend to deflate. Case in point: Brad Komminsk and Rafael Furcal, two players I grabbed in my big purchase this week.

2000 Upper Deck SP Chirography #RF Rafael Furcal Autograph ($2.25)
  Prior to the 2000 season, Baseball America ranked Braves shortstop prospect Rafael Furcal at number 8 in their top 100 Prospects list. Raffy was coming off of a 1999 season in which he hit a combined .322 with 96 stolen bases between low and high-A ball. An injury to Walt Weiss opened the door for Furcal to make the jump from A-ball to the majors, and the kid won the 2000 NL ROY- hitting .295 with 40 stolen bases. I wouldn't call Furcal's career a disappointment-other than suffering through a variety of injuries. Three-time All Star, 1800+ hits, and 314 SB. Picking up an autograph from his rookie season for $2.25= another steal- only for me.

2000 Upper Deck #284 Rafael Furcal (20 cents)
  One thing you won't find in Topps Heritage (regular or high number series): stunning photography. Upper Deck just happened to do it better than everyone else. This card features yet another great photo, this time it's Furcal doing his best pretzel imitation. By the way, does anyone else miss the "Star Rookie" subset?

1995 Donruss #321 Brad Komminsk (40 cents)

  "He will do things Dale Murphy never dreamed of."~Hank Aaron, speaking about Komminsk. Yeah, like fail miserably.

Running Total: 8 cards/ $10.84

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