Friday, November 16, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: 100 Card Challenge/Pepsi

  My primary vice these days is coffee. It was only about four years ago, however, that I had a different drink of choice: Pepsi. I wouldn't have called my love for it an insatiable thirst- I averaged maybe a can a day, but I did enjoy it and it was the beverage that my daughter associated with me. She bought me a "Pepsi Cola" T-shirt one year for my birthday. If she had known there were trading cards put out by the soft drink company, surely she would have bought a few for me.

Perhaps something like this...

1991 Pepsi "Flavor of Baseball Superstar" Series David Justice, Card #9 ($2.50)

A regional set issued only in the Orlando, Tampa, and Miami markets, there's much to like about this card. First of all, I like that it pictures Justice at first base- the position he played  for 69 of the 130 games during his 1990 ROY campaign. There's not a lot of cards of him in the infield (at least, not that I can recall), and so that alone makes this card great.

Second, the color scheme of the set fits well with the red, white, and blue of the Braves uni's. All-American colors for the All-American drink and team.

Finally, the glove catching the can of Pepsi. Kinda cheesy, but I don't recall the other cola giant doing that with one of their cards. That's because they suck.

I did get another 'Food Issue' card in this same purchase from north of the border:

1987 Hostess Canadian Dale Murphy #7 ($2.50)
This odd-ball measures approximately 1 3/8" x 1 3/4" and completely took me by surprise. I had not paid close attention to the description and wasn't aware of how small this thing is. In addition, as you can tell, it's still in its cello pack. And, like other Canadian issues, it features both English and French text on the back. Another 'sweet' purchase!

One interesting note: Like Justice, Murphy's first full season in the majors was spent primarily at first base. He would also spend a majority of the 1979 season at first, before the move to the outfield in 1980.

Well, these two cards put me at a total of 25. I'm one-quarter of the way through The Challenge, and I've spent a total thus far of $23.55   

Looks like I had better start adding some cheap cards if I'm to reach my goal.

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  1. Love these cards... especially the Canadian Hostess Murphy. I have the WWF Hostess set, but never knew they made baseball as well. I'll have to track a few of these down.