Friday, November 23, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: Post Cereal-100 Card Challenge Style

My first inclination for a post-Thanksgiving Food-Issue Friday was to feature the 1992 Mr. Turkey Superstars set. But since most of us probably gorged ourselves with a large meal, I've decided to offer up a lighter one for this week.

1994 Post Cereal Canada Champion Series #17 David Justice ($1.99)
1995 Post Cereal Canada #16 Greg Maddux ($1.99)

Of the more modern Post Cereal Cards (1991-), only the ones from 1993 and 2001 can rival these two sets as the cereal maker's most attractive. Proof that you can make a great looking, non-licensed product-something that doesn't happen much anymore.

Running Total: 84 Cards/ $56.97

1 comment:

  1. I've gotta find a Maddux for the PC... nice cards.