Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Okay, call me a hypocrite. I don't mind-because it's true.

The whole premises for my "Screw Topps 100 Card Challenge" was for what I perceive to be the company giving it to the set collector. Super Short Prints, Short Prints, High Number Sets for $100, yada yada yada. Whatever your opinion may be, it's hard to argue the fact that it's becoming more and more difficult to complete a set-any set, and so I decided to forgo the Heritage High Numbers this year.

And while holding to my obstinate stance (I will not buy the set!), I saw this- and couldn't pass it up. It is, after all, the only card in the set that I really, truly give a crap about.

2012 Topps Heritage #H642 Andrelton Simmons ($4)
So now I'm left with fighting a sense of guilt over this purchase. Is it a false guilt, or am I guilty of going against my conscience? Having compromised once, will it make it easier to try to justify further purchases from any such product? I don't think so. My protest was against the company making it difficult for set collectors. I counted myself as one such. I've cut ties with building complete sets. I am, however, still a team set collector, as well as a collector of certain players. I think I can continue to collect with a clean conscience.

It's too bad that Simmons went down with an injury when he did, because he was playing well enough to make a strong run at the NL Rookie of the Year award. Rumors have been making their rounds about both Texas and Arizona being interested in acquiring Simmons. I hope Atlanta wouldn't even consider it at this point, as I truly believe Andrelton is going to be a Derek Jeter-type of star. 

Running Total: 68 Cards/ $42.84


  1. Don't worry... I won't judge you. In fact, I support your decision. In terms of cardboard, I've been a hypocrite on more occasions that I'd like to remember.

  2. I've already made my peace with obtaining the Dodgers in this set. This is team collecting, not set collecting. Ranting about the set and then buying the whole set is hypocritical, but this is not. In fact, I think cherry-picking is a good way to beat Topps at their game.

  3. I love my support group-thanks guys! :)

  4. Yes, I bought a blaster of this set, $20 horrific dollars spent so mostly Yankees cards. I received one Jays card, an Adam Lind (puke.)

    Then I saw all of the other Jays on COMC, and they're fantastic. It's a brutal set to collect unless you love chasing overpriced short prints, but individually, the cards are very nice.