Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful for...Todd Van Poppel

Because he said no...

1991 Upper Deck #53, 1992 Upper Deck #22 Todd Van Poppel (20 cents, 25 cents)


We had to settle for the runner up.

2005 Topps Rookie Cup #92 ($2.50), 1992 Topps #551 (23 cents), 1997 Topps Stars #5 (95 cents), 2002 Topps Gallery #23 (25 cents)

Running Total: 82 Cards/ $52.99

But seriously, I hope you have a great time today with family and friends! We have so much to be thankful for- even life itself is a gift. #gratitude


  1. Damn it... I wish he would have said "yes". Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

    1. Now, now- we must never think 'what if' when it comes to that draft! :)

      Thank you. We did- our plans went a little awry due to an illness, so we just stayed home. Nice, though.

      How about you? Did you get enough good food and friends and/or family? Hope so!

    2. Thanksgiving was good... still stuffed and I haven't eaten in 6 hours. Hope everyone feels better. Have a great weekend.