Monday, November 19, 2012

The 100 Card Challenge: 2000 Upper Deck

My collecting habits had changed dramatically by the time the 2000 baseball season began. The base Topps and Bowman products were the only ones I even bothered to get Braves cards out of. It wasn't so much that I didn't enjoy the other manufacturers- I just didn't have the time nor money to seek out anything else. One of the great sets I missed out on, then, was 2000 Upper Deck baseball. 

2000 Upper Deck Braves Team Set: 21 Cards*/ $5.50
Once again, the folks at UD did a great job of including some of the best photography in the biz; and while the set included a nice card design, it didn't distract from the primary focus-the photos. One of my favorite UD sets.
Another great aspect of Upper Deck: the prospects. They didn't have as many as the Bowman line, but at least the ones UD included in their sets had experience in the majors-or at the very least were on the cusp of getting a call-up. Case in point: Odalis Perez, Luis Rivera, Bruce Chen, Jason Marquis, George Lombard, and Rafael Furcal- all included in this set.

*I recently included the Rafael Furcal "Rookie Stars" card from this set in another post (well, it was actually a different purchase), so I've excluded him from this lot. 

Running Total: 67 cards/ $38.84

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