Saturday, November 17, 2012

The 100 Card Challenge: HOF Auto!

So Topps has included one autographed card in each Heritage 100 card High Number set, have they? While there are certainly some nice players included in the checklist, how many will be ever be members of the Hall of Fame?

 Andy Pettite, one of the most successful postseason pitchers, very well could be enshrined one day. I wouldn't be upset if he does; but I also won't be surprised if he isn't in Cooperstown one day.

 Bryce Harper-whoa, wait a minute! The guy just completed his first season in the majors, so it's a little premature for that kind of speculation.

Earlier in this challenge, I added an autograph of Rafael Furcal to my collection. Nice player, but will never make the Hall. In fact, Rafae would be among the best players included in the 2012 Heritage High Number autograph set, and I only paid a pittance for his SP Authentic card.

My latest acquisition in the 100 Card Challenge is a bona fide Hall of Fame player: Mr. Jim Rice.

Rice was never one of my favorite players-I can't think of any Red Sox who would fall into that category- but I did respect the man for his consistent play. In many ways, he reminds me of my favorite player during my youth: Dale Murphy. Rice, however, was more consistent over a longer period of time and a better overall hitter.

Anyway, as I was trolling for cards on the 'bay, I came across this card for less than a beer at a ballgame. An autograph of a Hall of Fame player for only $6.80. Top that, Topps!

 Mr. Rice may have signed three times (or whatever) as many of his Leaf cards as Zack Cozart or Tyler Pastornicky did their High Number ones-but I would much rather have the HOF'er any day!

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  1. I'm a huge fan of Rice... and not just because I'm Asian ;-) Nice card.