Monday, December 17, 2012

2012 Winter Card Show #2: First Year!

The first season for major league baseball in Atlanta was 1966-the year this group of cards were released. As was typical for that period, the cards for expansion-or in this case, relocated- teams were pretty bland, as evidenced by the five cards featured today.

1966 Topps #28 Phil Niekro, #96 Felipe Alou, #381 Hank Fischer
Turns out I didn't need the Knucksie card- I looked at the wrong year on my checklist as I came across this one. Oh well, it is in much better shape than my other one-time to upgrade. 

Felipe Alou just looks like a ball player, and what a player he was! I always wanted his kid to don the Brave uniform when he was playing, just like the old man did. 

As far as the Fischer card, this is the norm for the Braves cards from the '66 set. Boring. I sure hope that Topps resists the temptation make the '15 Heritage Braves cards to look like this one. If so, I might just have to pass.

                                                                                       WRONG HATS!
                                                                                     1966 Topps #326  Braves Team Card
I guess they couldn't really get past this one. It's supposed to be a card showing the '65 team, and features team leaders from that season. Still. It's just doesn't seem right with the M on all those caps. Maybe they should have air brushed them out

1966 Topps #518 Rookie Stars Herb Hippauf/Arnie Umbach
At last- the caps with an 'A'! The only question is: real or memorex (airbrushed)? The first prospect sounds like a character off of a Winnie the Pooh movie. The second, Revenge of the Nerds. 

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