Sunday, December 16, 2012

Custom 1977 Mark Fidrych

Topps recently gave collectors a preview of the 2013 Archives set, and one design I really like is an insert designed after Topps' 1972 NBA set. It's funny that they've done that, as I have been trying to design some customs after retro designs from other sports.

Being a fan of the 1977 Topps NBA set, I recently decided to use it as a template for a baseball set. I've done a couple of things different on this design, however. I've replaced the basketball with the player's position in it with a baseball that has the team logo, and then just listed the position under the city.

When I think of the 1977 Major League Baseball season, the first thing that pops into my mind is that season's World Series and Mr. October. I also think of the Seattle Mariners and it being their first year-I spent many a night for the next few seasons listening to them on the radio. Finally, the '77 Topps baseball cards were the first that I collected on a larger scale, and the one card that sticks out in my mind from that set is the rookie card of the previous season's "Rookie Sensation"- Mark 'The Byrd' Fidrych, the subject of my first 1977 'NBA' inspired card.

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