Monday, December 10, 2012

TTM Autos: Milwaukee's Best

   I was once an ambitious collector of through the mail autographs. This was about twenty years ago when I was a prospector of minor leaguers, and the weeks leading up to spring training were perfect for preparing envelopes for the latest crop of invitees. As much as I enjoyed this aspect of collecting, it was a short lived venture. It certainly wasn't due to a lack of success; rather, I think I just found other things to occupy my time (like dating my future wife).

  The one group of players whose autographs I never really sought out were retirees. Of course, twenty years ago, it was much more difficult to find addresses to send the requests to-so it wasn't on my radar. While I may have failed in this area, I'm glad that others didn't.

  One person who took advantage of having veterans sign TTM is my friend and pastor R.H. He's a SoCal native who just so happens to be an Angel fan, so I usually try to set aside any Angels I pull out of packs for him. These trades in the past have usually netted me some Braves cards which I might have missed out on during my sabbatical from the card collecting world in the early 2000s. More recently, however, they netted me a couple of old-timers whom I had been looking to pick up.

Johnny Logan
What can I say? The first of the two John Logan signatures is seriously awesome. 1957 World Champs. With not one, but two, exclamation marks to get the point across. The card, on the other hand, is a beauty-it's too bad Mr. Logan signed it in the area he did, as the black box hides part of the signature.

Lew Burdette
Yet another nice signature. Whatever happened to taking pride in one's signature? Today's players could learn a thing or two from the players of yesteryear. One thing that would make this sweeter would be if he included '57 World Series MVP'
With the information available on the internet today, I need to stop saying I'm going to start sending requests off in the mail and just do it.


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