Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Braves 2013 Topps I The Greats

I'll preface my thoughts on The Greats by saying:

I really don't want to be one of those guys.You know the type: they only complain and criticize, never complimenting a product for that which is praiseworthy. They're the ones blessed with unparalleled ingenuity, while those who actually work for the card companies would be better off taking their talents to McDonalds.
Despite the fact that this insert set looks like one of Topps' higher-end products, I really do like it.

When my order arrived I was shocked at how thick the cards actually were. I guess it shouldn't be a surprise, given the thicker card stock used for the manu-patches. Had this set been on a normal card stock, I don't think it would have had the 'wow' factor. I may have just been another insert on cheap, flimsy material.

As far as the design, yes, it does like like some hybrid Tier-One/5-Star/Museum higher end product. Regardless, this is still uniquely different, and I particularly like how Topps has incorporated the stadium columns, ribbons, and pennants on top. Definitely a classic look, and it gives the budget-minded collector a chance to pick up some beautiful cards of their favorite player and/or team for relatively cheap. And that's a good thing for this collector!

   Great: eminent; distinguished; illustrious; superior
As far as the Braves checklist, when you're talking about a set called "The Greats", you can't expect it to contain Bob Horner, Jason Heyward, or David Justice. Good players, but not great. And so, of course, we have Hank Aaron and John Smoltz- two former Brave greats who have become a staple in the Topps library. I guess that means now that Chipper is retired, he, too will become tired. Or shall I say, his card. It is nice to see Glavine added to the mix. I wonder if Series 2 will have Maddux? Would you be willing to bet that Spahn, yet another overused Brave, will be included? And why all of a sudden no more Eddie Mathews?

 That the manufacturer can produce a flagship brand that appeals to collectors on every spectrum of the hobby only reinforces the importance of this product within the collecting community.


  1. I'm really liking those inserts this year too!

  2. I too was surprised at the thickness of these cards. My group break yielded 2 of The Greats, of teams not claimed, so I'm hoping to trade them for the Braves.