Sunday, March 10, 2013

2 Large for $4

No, it's not an advertisement for Little Caesar's Pizza- it's my second group of cards from this weekend's card show.

 Since this year's Heritage set is modeled after the '64 design, I am trying to make sure I finish not only the team set, but pick up some of the odd-balls from this year as well: coins, tattoos, and Giants. And so to begin the adventure, I recently started watching a couple of Giant Warren Spahn's on eBay. The cheaper of the two had a BIN price of $4.95 plus shipping. Not bad, but I held out and found out it certainly pays to be patient sometimes (which for me is often difficult). Especially considering  I picked up two Braves this weekend  for less than the price of that one Spahn.

As much as I like these cards, I don't know what to do for storing them. I like to keep all of my Topps cards in binders- does anyone know if Ultra-Pro makes anything for cards like these?

1964 Topps Giants #26 Joe Torre,  #31 Warren Spahn


  1. Nice cards! I'm working on that set myself, but I've only got the SP's left so I'm past the stage where I can find the cards that cheap.

    I keep mine in 4-pocket postcard pages... It's a slightly loose fit, but it works well enough.