Tuesday, April 30, 2013

2013 Chops Series 2: Yes, Even These Guys Get a Card

2013 Chops #15 Alan Butts- One piece of info I was able to find on Butts, from the Braves website: one of his career 'highlights' included being a member of Bobby Cox' coaching staff for the 2000 All-Star game, where he also pitched in the Home Run Derby. 

2013 Chops #16 Brian Snitker- Career organizational guy. Played in the Braves minor league system from 1977-1980, managed in minor leagues for 17 seasons, bullpen coach (1985, 1988-1990) and third base coach (2007-Present) for Atlanta. Three-time Braves' minor-league manager of the year.

2013 Chops #17 Carlos Tosca- One time manager for Blue Jays, despite being one of only a few men to manage in the bigs and not play pro ball. Tosca has been Fredi Gonzalez' right-hand-man twice; first, in Florida, and now in Atlanta. Baseball lifer.

2013 Chops #18 Eddie Perez- 1995 NLCS MVP and possible future major league manager. Now in his seventh season as bullpen coach.

2013 Chops #19 Fredi Gonzalez- Everyone in Braves Country loves Fredi- right fam?

2013 Chops #20 Greg Walker- I'm still waiting for Braves country to start blaming Walk (the Braves hitting coach) for all the strikeouts, crying for his head.

2013 Chops #21 Phil Falco- I recently discovered that Falco, the Braves strength and conditioning coach, is also a collector- whose collection is centered around autographed 1957 Topps football cards. You can read about Phil's opportunity to see a T206 Wagner card up close here.

2013 Chops #22 Roger McDowell- I'm still surprised that McDowell is even employed by Atlanta after his politically-incorrect taunting of a fan a couple of years ago in San Fran. While Leo's a legend in Braves Country, I still think Roger has done a fine job.

2013 Chops #23 Scott Fletcher- The man behind the scenes. Fletcher, who works as assistant hitting coach, has got to be the only athlete to ever have a President's dog named after him. Good boy, Scott!

2013 Chops #24 Terry Pendleton- At least the Braves recent hitting woes haven't blamed on T.P. Well, not that I know of, anyway.


  1. I wish some one had a picture of Eddie Perez last week in Colorado. He looked like an Eskimo with shin guards.

    1. I missed that; would have been funny to see!