Friday, June 21, 2013

Food-Issue Friday: Sustenance

Growing up, I seemed to have two staples in life: cardboard (as in cards) and cereal. While the consumption of the grain helped sustain me physically, the cardboard helped sustain my 'baseball is life' philosophy (BTW- there's a great read here which summarizes that philosophy perfectly). Remember, this was back before ESPN, the internet, and all the blessings of modernity which have, at least in part, replaced those childhood treasures as the source of baseball facts and stats.

Ah, so that must explain why I am so obsessed with the Post Cereal cards from the past.

I decided to feed this obsession of mine at the quarterly card show last weekend. And it's a good thing that I added them to my want list while revising it, because I happened across a couple of stacks of 1963 Post Cereal cards on the table of my favorite vintage dealer. Hunger pangs commenced. FEED ME, it cried.

Where else might Mikey have learned that Frank Bolling had played in 72 errorless games at second base? Or that he tied for the AL lead in sacrifice bunts in 1958? Certainly not on ESPN- it didn't exist in 1963!

Legend had it that Joe Adcock hit a homer that traveled 470 feet at Milwaukee's County Stadium. You can't believe everything on the internet now-a-days. But, hey, his baseball card told us that fact- so it must have been true!

 They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while this purchase wasn't as nutritious as my 1953 purchases , it was still filling, nonetheless.


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