Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day?

I wonder what Father's Day was like this year for former Brave Otis Nixon. 

   2013 Archives Dual Fan Favorite #DFF-NU
Nixon was pulled over about 5 weeks ago for erratic driving in suburban Atlanta. Upon inspection of his truck, officers found rocks of crack cocaine, as well as pipes used to smoke the substance. Nixon admitted that the items were what officers suspected them to be, but that they belonged to his son and that he had been planning on getting rid of the items. Otis was then given a field sobriety test, which he passed. 

You might remember Otis battling drug addiction during his playing career- beginning with an arrest in 1987 while he was a member of the Cleveland Indians. He also was handed down a 60-game suspension in September 1991 for failing a drug test. The suspension caused Nixon to miss not only the final month of the season, but also the NLCS and World Series. 

2013 Archives #212 (SP)
While it certainly is easy to reach a 'guilt' decision concerning Nixon's recent possession charges, given his prior history, another event happened last week (and which I just read about prior to writing this) which causes me to re-think my judgement. One week ago today, a fire broke out in one of the houses that Otis owns, and which his son (whether it's the same son or not, I don't know) lives. A neighbor was arrested and charged with arson. Apparently, the fire was the result of a dispute between the suspect and a man who lived in Nixon's house. 

 Whatever the truth might be in the two incidents, it's a sad story. If Nixon indeed has gone back into drug use, then yes, it's sad. And it would be even sadder if he's trying to place the guilt upon his son for his own transgressions. I really hope that's not the case. I hope that he's telling the truth and that his son can get the  help that he needs. The fact that arson took place only leads me to believe that perhaps it's the same son and that it was drug related. 

2013 Archives Mini Tall-Boys #MT-ON
As far as the featured cards...I was surprised to hear that Otis was going to have so many cards featured in this year's Archives set. He was never an All-Star, and was relatively an unknown. One card, yeah- I can see that. But having four? 

I'm still undecided about picking up an autographed card from this set. If the price is right, then I will try to buy it. 

Anyway...I hope you all have had a nice Father's Day!! For those without any children, I hope that you had an opportunity to spend time with, think about, or talk to your dad. 


  1. Speaking of judgement, is B.J. Upton really a Fan Favorite there in Atlanta this year?

    1. It does seem odd to list him as such. He's finally turning it around, but he was getting boo'd at home and ripped by a lot of fans.