Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Miniature Card, Diminutive Price

2013 Bowman Chrome Mini #CC-AB5 (201/250)

I recently picked up this 2013 Bowman Chrome Blue Wave Mini Sean Gilmartin for a penny. Yes, that's right- one cent. Well, I did have to pay $2.69 for shipping, but I like the thought of buying something for a penny. Especially when the player portrayed on said card is doing absolutely nothing to justify me spending that hard-earned coin.

After getting shellacked (again) on Sunday, Gilmartin's record now stands at 3-7, with a 5.83 ERA in 13 starts this season for AAA Gwinnett. He also has a not so small 1.676 WHIP and a SO/BB ratio of only 1.57. His seven starts in AAA towards the end of last year were equally as ugly, so the organization has to be concerned about the future for the man whom many projected to be on a fast track to the majors, ala Mike Minor. Granted, with soon to be six starters, there's no need for Gilmartin to be major league ready- but he would make nice trade bait.

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