Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Checking Out, Checking Off

A recent visit to the COMC website allowed me the opportunity to pull out the old team set want list and mark off a handful of cards. Even better, it allowed me to finish three team sets- and put me within one more card of completing a fourth set.

1974 Topps #374, 607
  Nothing too exciting here- other than these are from the great 1974 set.

1976 Topps #70, 608

  I debated whether or not include the Father and Son card of the Smalley's as a part of my Braves team set. Because the old man is pictured as a Brave, it eventually won out. 

Nothing, and I mean nothing, is better than a card from the 70s, featuring a catcher in a pose like this.

2003 Topps #351
  The 2002 season was just another typical Tom Glavine year: 18-11, 2.96 ERA, 224 IP. How did he end his first go-around with the Braves? By getting shelled in two postseason games against the Giants. Thanks for the reminder, Topps. The only good thing about him coming back to the team for 13 games during the 2008 season is that our final memory of him as a Brave is not of this playoff performance, but of a 42 year-old who got shelled in his final major league appearance, in what was an otherwise meaningless game in August. 

1997 Topps #419, 445
  I don't know what it is about the 1997 set, but I have had more difficulty finding cards from this set than any other. Picking up these two leaves me only needing card number 404 (Mark Wohlers) to finish the Braves team set. Can anyone help a card-collecting brother out?

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