Thursday, July 11, 2013

One Score and Zero Years Ago: The 1993 Fleer Ultra I Braves

After two wildly successful releases, Fleer's third baseball offering under the Ultra brand was somewhat of a  disappointment to me. It wasn't that I didn't enjoy the photography, the inserts, or even the base checklist- because I did; I just didn't like that they recycled the base set design and used colors for the marble which, in  my opinion, failed miserably. I also seem to recall there being a real problem with the UV coating- perhaps they had been packed out too soon before it had time to dry. My team set has sat in a team bag for some time, and the cards still seem to stick together- even after all these years. Oh, yes, there's also that problem with curling...

Series I Braves:
1 Steve Avery 2 Rafael Belliard 3 Damon Berryhill 4 Sid Bream 5 Ron Gant 6 Tom Glavine 7 Ryan Klesko 8 Mark Lemke 9 Javier Lopez 10 Greg Olson 11 Terry Pendleton 12 Deion Sanders 13 Mike Stanton

Award Winners #5 Terry Pendleton
All-Stars #9 Greg Maddux

You Included HOW MANY Catchers?

I'm sure there has been other sets to do so (I'm too lazy to search for an answer), but when was the last time you remember seeing three catchers for one team in a set? Granted, Javy Lopez is featured as a Rookie prospect, but he did spend time with the big club in '92 (and would do so in September of  1993, as well). 

Favorite Card in Team Set- #8 Mark Lemke
Fleer captured Lemke perfectly, just as we remember him: dirt on uniform and growth on face (card front), and goggles/glasses on face, with his wool cap under his batting helmet (on back of card). 

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