Sunday, August 11, 2013

New Products Checklist: 2013 Allen and Ginter Braves

I'm not a fan of the standard-sized Allen & Ginter base cards, so once again I will try to get the team set in miniature form. As far as the inserts, I do like the look of the Across the Years- and seeded at 1 every 2 packs, they should be able to be found for cheap. And, yes, the relics- beautiful, as always- should be plentiful as well. Unfortunately, the rip cards are still going to fetch a premium- meaning this collector won't be able to add any to his collection.

Base Set
#20 John Smoltz
49 Kris Medlen
54 BJ Upton
67 Hank Aaron
73 Tim Hudson
86 Warren Spahn
96 Jason Heyward
106 Mike Minor
113 Brandon Beachy
148 Justin Upton
160 Brian McCann
204 Phil Niekro
239 Craig Kimbrel
295 Dan Uggla
304 Freddie Freeman (SP)
399 Craig Kimbrel (Mini Rip Card)

Across the Years 
ATY-BJU   BJ Upton
ATY-CK    Craig Kimbrel
ATY-JHY   Jason Heyward
ATY-JU     Justin Upton
ATY-KM   Kris Medlen

Autographed Cards
AGA-CKM  Craig Kimbrel
AGA-DM     Dale Murphy

Double Jumbo Patch Booklet
DJPBC-BH   Brandon Beachy/Jason Heyward

AGR-BMC    Brian McCann
AGR-CKM   Craig Kimbrel
AGR-JHY     Jason Heyward
AGR-TH       Tim Hudson

Relics (Full-Size)
AGFR-BB   Brandon Beachy
AGFR-CK  Craig Kimbrel
AGFR-HA  Hank Aaron
AGFR-JH   Jason Heyward
AGFR-JU   Justin Upton

Rip Cards
RIP-6  Jason Heyward
RIP-57 Justin Upton
RIP-59 Warren Spahn
RIP-70 BJ Upton
RIP-91 John Smoltz

Double Rip Cards
RIP-102   BJ Upton/ Justin Upton
RIP-103   Craig Kimbrel/ John Smoltz
RIP-104   Phil Niekro/ Warren Spahn
RIP-179   RA Dickey/ Phil Niekro
RIP-187   Eddie Mathews/ Jason Heyward


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    1. Hopefully, it's complete. We shall see...

      And, I forgot to mention how outraged I am that they left Simba out!