Monday, August 12, 2013

That Bill is Not Nearly Flat Enough- or Is It?

I stopped by Walmart yesterday. I know, "I'm sorry," you're saying- and I appreciate your sympathies.

I had originally intended to stop by the local True Value to pick up a new caulking gun, but my wife reminded me that we needed a couple of other things, so we stopped by the retail behemoth on the way home from church. And you know how the story goes: it provides us an excuse to peruse the card aisle, where we just so happen to stumble upon...GINTER!

Anyway, after getting home, I opened the two jumbo packs and about four cards into the first pack, I pulled this:

My first inclination was to burn it- but I then I thought of Night Owl, and  knew that I couldn't perform such a malicious act. So, it's headed his way.

Among all the other stuff that I won't collect, I also pulled this bad boy

This kid's a stud, and I'm not looking forward to him pitching in the same division as Atlanta for the next how ever many years before the Marlins dump him for financial reasons. And, having faced the Marlins this weekend, Atlanta also lucked out by not having to face him.

The first Brave that I pulled was this beauty:

Now, I was obviously overjoyed at the sight of this one, so I had to make that joy manifest by posting a photo on twitter (you can follow me at @boisebrave - shameless plug!). One follower, and fellow Brave fan (and obviously a keen observer), noticed that the bill on the cap isn't quite flat enough. At first I was in agreement with her, but upon further review- I might have to disagree. Earlier in his career, Meds certainly wore a much flatter bill- but in more recent photos, he seems to have fixed that problem. What do you think?

The other Brave I pulled was this Tim Hudson:

Get well soon, Huddy!

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