Tuesday, September 17, 2013

If I Wanted A Lot of Black and Gold...

...I'd become a Pirates collector.


What to do about unlicensed products.

At one time, I loved 'em. Food-issues, odd-balls, it didn't matter. They were tastefully done and held my interest. They may not have included logos on the hats or helmets, but at least the players looked like they were representing their team.  Fast forward to the present day & it's hard to even identify which team they're supposed to represent. At least it's that way for Pinnacle cards featuring players from the Atlanta team.

Atlanta, you say? Heh- looks more like they should be representing Pittsburgh.

2013 Pinnacle of Success #PS8 Craig Kimbrel

I remember the introduction of the acetate card back in the 90's- or was it the 2000's? Anyway, whenever it was that we first started seeing them in the hobby, I wasn't a fan. However, I decided to pick up a Kimbrel acetate card from the Pinnacle of Success insert set found in the recently released Pinnacle baseball product. And I've got to say...I was pleasantly surprised.  The only thing that I think this card is missing (as with just about every base or insert card from the set) is a little more color. All the black used for Atlanta jersey's and hats (not to mention borders) is painfully boring. A blue cap with a red bill would have really made this thing sharp!

While buying the Kimbrel was a no-brainer, this Mad-Dog card required a little more indecision. So while I'm not crazy about the design or the photo, I am excited to see the Professor inducted into Cooperstown next year. That sealed the deal. 

2013 Pinnacle Awaiting the Call #AC2 Greg Maddux

As far as the rest of the Braves from this series. Hmm...I'm going to pass on the base cards, but will go for some of the other inserts. I was excited for the return of the Museum Collection, but after seeing some on the 'Bay- I'm going to have to pass. Without any color, they seem to be quite boring. 

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