Thursday, October 17, 2013

Class is in Session

One of the bigger complaints I have with the hobby today (although it certainly isn't anything new) is all the parallels. And by parallels, I'm talking about the rainbow variety. We have gold, blue, black, red, green, pink, camo, sparkly, ice...please, someone, tell which color/design I'm forgetting. Yes, there are too many to even keep track of- let alone collect. 

As a team set collector, I really have no interest in chasing the rainbow- and even if I had a player who I sought out as many cards of them as I could- I wouldn't attempt that silly chase. The one type of parallel (if that's what you want to call it) that I do have an interest in is the kind which features a different photo. Is it just splitting hairs on my part? Perhaps- but at least it's a more reasonable goal than trying to get twenty parallel cards of fifteen different players.

At the recent Fall show, I picked up a few Gold Labels of Andruw Jones. 10 cents each!

2000 Gold Label #38 Class 2

2000 Gold Label #38 Class 3

 What lesson did our instructor, Topps, have for us in the 2000 set? That with his first home run, 'Druw was the youngest player to hit a major league homer since Larry Dierker in 1965. Oh yes, they also taught us to make sure to use a font big enough to read the copyright on the fine print at the bottom of a card. Somebody get me a magnifying glass!

1999 Gold Label #83 Class 3

Our lesson on the back of this beauty taught us that Andruw wasn't your typical pimply-faced, video game playing 19 year-old; no, this teenager displayed grace under pressure during the 1996 World Series- rocking homers in his first two at-bats. As if we hadn't heard that one before.

This is one brand name that I will be looking to add to my collection. Hopefully one day Topps will bring this one back!

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