Friday, October 11, 2013

Faux-Food Issue Friday: Kimbrel Meadow Gold Milk Carton

"But I subscribe to the theory that you put guys in situations where they're going to be successful, and you go with it..."~ Fredi Gonzalez, following the Braves game 4 defeat.

Bruce Sutter, in 1979, pitched in 26 games in which he recorded 6 or more outs; 40 games of 4 or more outs. He won the CY Young Award that year.

Mariano Rivera: 14 postseason saves of 6 or more outs.

Where's Kimbrel?!!! 

That's the question that many fans and commentators asked as the Braves closer was warming up in the bullpen during the eighth inning of Monday night's game 4 loss. 


While I couldn't see it from the game feed on, the cable broadcast showed Craig fuming in the bullpen after not having been called upon in the eighth inning. I can't blame him; after all, he reportedly told his manager prior to first pitch that he was good for two innings. And when you've got the best reliever in baseball (I know...Mo- but he's retired), it's crazy to not use him in that position. Go down swinging- not whimpering. I certainly don't blame Gonzalez for having David Carpenter in there to start the eighth, but as soon as Puig reached base, you've got to put the ball in the hands of Kimbrel.

I'll spare you any more of my bitter comments, other than it's time that certain major league managers throw out the idea of having to 'go by the book' in the postseason. I'm sure Dodger fans are glad that Don Mattingly (whose decision making often comes under scrutiny) went with Kershaw on three days rest- despite the lefty having never pitched on such short rest before.  

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