Saturday, October 19, 2013

New Product Checklist: The 2013 Topps Update Braves

Once my favorite product, the Update set put out by Topps has lost some of its luster for me. While I still enjoy seeing the company issuing a set that includes players not in the first two series, the number of other cards which make up the various subsets (All-Stars, Rookie Debuts, etc.) have pushed the set to a bloated 330 cards. My preference for an updated set would still be a smaller boxed set, but I can live with it being issued in packs; the one advantage is of course the opportunity to include insert cards. The one down side this year- the number of short-printed variation cards.

2013 Topps Update Braves
US45 Joey Terdoslavich- RC
US53 Craig Kimbrel AS
US87 Evan Gattis- RC
US140 Justin Upton
US173 Reed Johnson
US195 Chris Johnson
US255 Alex Wood- RC
US298 Luis Avilan
US319 Jordan Schafer

SP Variations
US53 Hank Aaron/Willie Mays
US53 Craig Kimbrel
US53 Chipper Jones

Silk Collection (numbered to /50)
SC 269 Chris Johnson
SC 273 Justin Upton

1971 Minis
TM11 Justin Upton
TM24 Greg Maddux

1971 Mini Relics
TMR-GM Greg Maddux
TMR-JU Justin Upton

1971 Mini Autos
TMA-JU Justin Upton
TMA-TG Tom Glavine

All-Star Game MVP Patches
ASMVP-12 Fred McGriff  ~I was thrilled to see the Crime Dog included on a card in the Braves uniform!

I was really disappointed to learn that there's no Braves players featured in the Franchise Forerunners set- the exception, of course, being in the hard to get auto versions...

Franchise Forerunners Dual Autos
FFA-MF Freddie Freeman/Fred McGriff

Franchise Forerunners Dual Auto Relics
FFAR-MG Brian McCann/Evan Gattis

All-Star Stitches  
ASR-CKl Craig Kimbrel

All-Star Stitches Autos
ASAR-CKl Craig Kimbrel

All-Star Jumbo Patches (numbered to /6)
ASJP-CKl Craig Kimbrel

Chasing History
CH-125 Justin Upton

Chasing History Cut Signatures
CHCS-WSP Warren Spahn

Making Their Mark
MM-45 Evan Gattis
MM-48 Craig Kimbrel

Making Their Mark Auto
MMA-Evan Gattis

Making Their Mark Auto Relics
MMAR- Evan Gattis

Pennant Chase Copper Coins (numbered to /99)
PCC-TG Tom Glavine

Postseason Heroes

PH4 John Smoltz
PH5 Greg Maddux
PH12 Deion Sanders~ there's no denying that Deion played an important part in the Braves post-season during the early 90s; however, I'd rather have seen Mark Lemke included.

Postseason Heroes Autos (numbered to /10)
PHA-DS Deion Sanders

Postseason Heroes Auto Relics (numbered to /15)
PHAR-TG Tom Glavine


  1. I agree. When I think of postseason Braves, Lemke is always the first name to come to mind.

  2. always appreciate you doing this.... it means less work for me.

  3. oh, and as far as post season goes... I will ALWAYS think of Sid Bream, Frankie Cabrera, and the call by Skip Caray.

  4. C.C.- yes, those are two others who we will never forget! And you're welcome- glad I can be of some help!