Monday, November 11, 2013

2011 Topps #ATL17 Turner Field

2011 Topps Braves Retail Team Set #ATL17

Like every Braves fan, I was shocked to see the news spreading like wildfire on Twitter Monday morning, declaring that the Braves would be leaving Turner Field and Atlanta proper come 2017. I won't comment much on the announcement- from what I have read, it's quite a touchy subject with the locals there. I'm far removed from the local political issues there, so all I will say is that Turner Field has not been friendly to the local nine. It's almost as if the stadium has some dark curse over it. If you have taken the time to look at the background of this blog, you will have noticed, The Magic of Turner Field. Yeah- black magic.

Oh, and an odd little thing I just noticed: the card number, 17, corresponds with the number of seasons the Braves have played at the house that Ted built at the time of the announcement. Cue spooky music...

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