Monday, November 18, 2013

Greater Than Toronto's City Hall

Unless you've been living under a rock, you're aware of the joke that is the mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Rob Ford. 

The fallen, defiant mayor not only saw most of his remaining powers stripped away Monday by the City Council, but he also knocked over 60-something year-old council woman Pam McConnell as he rushed towards a skirmish. I guess he was jacked up from this weekend's CFL Eastern Division Final.

Anywho, on the same day that Toronto's City Hall looked more like an Argonaut game than a place of municipal government, I received this 2013 Panini Hometown Heroes City Hall card of Dale Murphy in the mail. Yesterday, after tweeting a photo of the card, I got a reply on Twitter from my childhood idol (no-not Ford!!). 

It's pretty safe to say that Murph, the antithesis of the combative mayor, wouldn't bring disgrace upon the office of mayor. It's also safe to say that a Rob Ford City Hall mock-up card would make one heck of a 'Wacky-Packages'-type spoof. Hmm...I might have to work on that one.


  1. That's awesome that Mr. Murphy responded to your Tweet. I don't really use my Twitter account... but if I knew for a fact that Tony Gwynn or Kurt Suzuki would respond to my posts, I'd start using it on a regular basis.

    1. He's really good about interacting with his followers on Twitter. As far as Twitter- it's my favorite, 'can't live without' app.