Monday, December 30, 2013

Better Late Than Never

With as few trades as I execute, you would think that I would be able to stay on top of things when it comes to trade posts. Maybe waiting a couple months before doing so is a normal thing; if that's not the case, then my apologies to Night Owl and Douglas over at Sportscards from the Dollar Store. Each sent me an envelope some time back, of which I'm just now getting around to saying 'thanks.'

Douglas sent me a couple of cards just out of the blue, one of which was a complete surprise:

2003 Pacific Atomic CFL #28 Bart Hendricks

Upon leaving Boise State, Hendricks was the school's most prolific quarterback before eventually being surpassed by Ryan Dinwiddie and Kellen Moore. That this is a die-cut only makes this card even more awesome!

2013 Finest #75 (Refractor) Justin Upton

Twenty years later, I still like this offering from Topps. And I never refuse a Brave!

I also forgot to include these two CFL cards from Douglas in a previous trade:

1990 and 1991 Jogo CFL Michel Bourgeau

Another Eskimo; another former Boise State player. Bourgeau played for the Broncos before their 'glory years' and was inducted into the BSU athletic Hall of Fame in 1990.

More Braves goodness, this time from Night Owl:



Update: old and new!


  1. The Pacific CFL set was a strange one. the base cards and their gold and red parallels (yours was the latter) were all die cut. The inserts and relic hits were all standard rectangles. If anybody pack searched CFL cards, it would be easy.

    1. That's interesting; had not heard that. These were my first CFL cards! Been a fan since I was a kid and they televised games on ESPN. That was back in the days of Warren Moon and Dieter Brock. One of my favorite BSU Broncos- Cedric Minter- also played up there. Thanks again!