Monday, December 16, 2013

Black Friday at COMC, Pt. 2

As I had mentioned in a recent post, I looked to finish up some team sets, as well as get a start on some new ones, in COMC's Black Friday Sale. With shipping costs on eBay continuing to rise, I am more determined than ever to spend my money on the COMC website- which has actually dropped their shipping charges in the past twelve months.

1992 Fleer Ultra All-Stars #20 Tom Glavine
Look at those cleats; when was the last time you saw a baseball player rockin' high tops? Did he convert a pair of his hockey skates into baseball cleats? If anyone out there is looking for a new collection theme, try picking up cards with players wearing those things.

1992 Fleer Ultra Award Winners #7 Tom Glavine & #4 Terry Pendleton
Once again, it's everyone's favorite Brave (sarcasm font can't be found). I know there's some fans who still resent him for jumping ship to New York and/or for his involvement as a union rep, but he's still one of my favorites. Plus, the one-hit masterpiece to win the Series doesn't hurt his cause. And TP...another great card on what has to be one of the finest inserts known to the collecting universe. Okay, so maybe that's hyperbolic; it's still one of my all-time favorite inserts.

2007 Topps Trading Places #TP9 Marcus Giles, #TP23 Mike Gonzalez

All I want for Christmas is for Topps to revise this set in the 2014 Series 2- and for there to be a Dan Uggla card included. Doesn't look he's moving out of town anytime soon. I'm still holding out hope that Omar Infante will not sign with KC and will somehow end up back in Atlanta. Is this too much to ask for? (with arms extended upward, as I look towards the heavens).

1997 Fleer Ultra Leather Shop #11 Kenny Lofton
 In his one season with Atlanta, Lofton was 27 out of 47 in stolen bases. The only thing worse than that is that we traded David Justice and Marquis Grissom for this guy (well, we did get Alan Embree for 1.5 years- as I roll my eyes). That's enough to get many GM's fired. The one bright spot: he did put up a line of .333/.409/.428 in that year.

2006 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future #WF-17 Jeff Francoeur
Flair, Flair Showcase. What's up with the name change? Reminds me of how we used to say Fleer Ultra, but now it's referred to as Ultra. That's left me about as confused as Francoeur is at the plate.

Whole Lot of Topps Galleries
One of my favorite sets. Will someone at Topps please, please bring these back?!

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