Tuesday, December 17, 2013

One Score and Zero Years Ago: The 1993 Upper Deck All-Time Heroes of Baseball Braves

It took me a number of years to warm up to the first Heroes of Baseball set, but twenty years after it's release, I can say that I really like this set.

When it was initially released, there were two strikes against it: the black and white photos and the size of the cards (2 1/4" x 5 1/4"). Back then, there wasn't really any good way of storing them and so I was initially turned off by the cards. And while I haven't bothered looking for specialty pocket-pages to keep them in, I have accepted the idea of just using normal pocket-pages and storing them in the center rows. And as far as the black and white photos- it would still make more sense to me to include color photos of some of the more recent ballplayers, but the photos the company used are, for the most part, good, clear shots. The cards also feature another unique thing about them: they're scored on both sides of the main photo. I personally would not want to fold the cards, so I don't know why Upper Deck did this. Perhaps some collectors folded them. But, like I said, it does add something different- and that's what the 90's card market was all about.

1993 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Braves
1 Hank Aaron
23 Lew Burdette
57 Ralph Garr
67 Bob Horner
77 Davey Johnson
83 Johnny Logan
116 Warren Spahn

B.A.T.- A Worthy Cause
Another unique feature to the '93 UD Heroes set is the B.A.T. logo found on the left panel of each regular player card. A brief description on the back of the panel explains how the Baseball Assistance Team was formed to help members of the baseball family in need. This included not only former players, but also managers, groundskeepers, and umpires.

The MLB website has a good article and accompanying video talking about the charitable program.

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