Thursday, January 2, 2014

Batting Cleanup: David Justice

As I did last year, I'm going to once again be featuring card releases from 20 years ago (and I think I will also do cards from 1984) during the 2014 calendar year. Leading off- or shall I say, batting cleanup for this year's lineup...

1994 Collector's Edge/Dial  David Justice

I picked up this acetate odd-ball on eBay, but have no information on the distribution of them. A Google search came up with nothing and my handy-dandy Standard Catalog of Baseball Cards doesn't even mention it, leaving me feeling quite helpless. Can anyone help me out by providing distribution info?

Cleaning Up:
Over the course of his career, DJ batted clean-up in 420 games (second only to batting fifth)- in which he accumulated 1515 at-bats, 79 homers, 266 RBI, and a .256/.363/.471 slash line.

He also drove in 701 runs with runners in scoring position (.289/.418/.502), collected 846 RBI with runners on base (.302/.410/.519), and had 141 RBI (.331/.364/.496) with the bases loaded.


  1. 1994 Collector's Edge Dial Soap. This is the only card in the "set," so I'm guessing it was a regional promo card in conjunction with some kind of endorsement deal with Justice. I really liked the 94 Collector's Edge set in football - it's a shame they didn't release a full run of baseball cards.