Saturday, January 25, 2014

Dead and Bloated

I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me on my birthday death bed; I am smelling like a rose that somebody gave me 'cause I'm dead and bloated.~ Stone Temple Pilots


Topps sent out a tweet yesterday, announcing that the checklist for 2014 Series 1 was live. And so, I opened up the file (35 pages!) and began poring over the checklist as I ate my lunch. What was initially joy turned to a state of mind-numbing disbelief: looking like the past season's Triple Threads checklist, with too many inserts and parallels of autos, relics and auto/relic combos. For the master set collector or master team set collector, Topps is officially dead and bloated.

Another problem I have with the set: the inclusion of Brian McCann as a Brave in not only in the base set, but in the countless insert cards. It smacks of an SP gimmick, in which he will be included as a Yank. Look- I love BMac, but he signed with New York early enough that there's no way he should be included in this set as a Brave. He's no longer a Brave, don't include him as one.

2014 Topps 1 Braves Checklist:
66 Kris Medlen
143 Freddie Freeman/Jay Bruce/Paul Goldschmidt (LL)
212 Jason Heyward
225 Brian McCann
229 Justin Upton
237 Chris Johnson/Freddie Freeman/Michael Cuddyer (LL)
283 Andrelton Simmons
288 Julio Teheran
316 Mike Minor

Topps Silk
SC71 Jason Heyward
SC72 Justin Upton
SC73 Julio Teheran
SC74 Kris Medlen
SC75 Brian McCann

Upper Class
UC6 Craig Kimbrel
UC7 Freddie Freeman
UC28 Brian McCann
UC38 Tom Glavine

Before They Were Great
BG5 Tom Glavine

1989 Topps Mini Die-Cuts
TM11 Fred McGriff
TM17 Tom Glavine
TM25 Greg Maddux

Power Player Code Cards
PP20 Jason Heyward
PP23 Mike Minor
PP57 Justin Upton
PP82 Julio Teheran
PP101 Brian McCann

Trajectory Autos
TA-DS Deion Sanders
TA-GM Greg Maddux
TA-EG Evan Gattis
TA-HA Hank Aaron
TA-KM Kris Medlen
TA-TG Tom Glavine

Upper Class Autos
UCA-FF Freddie Freeman
UCA-TG Tom Glavine

The Future is Now Autos
FNA-JT1 Julio Teheran
FNA-JT2 Julio Teheran

Before They Were Great Autos
BGA-TG Tom Glavine

1989 Topps Mini Die-Cut Autos
TMA-JS John Smoltz

Postseason Performance Autos
PPA-FF Freddie Freeman

Upper Class Auto Relics
UCAR-FF Freddie Freeman
UCAR-TG Tom Glavine

Before They Were Great Auto Relics
BGAR-TG Tom Glavine

Trajectory Relics
TR-AS Andrelton Simmons
TR-HA Hank Aaron
TR-JT Julio Teheran

Upper Class Relics
UCR-CK Craig Kimbrel

Topps All-Rookie Cup Team Relics
RCTR-CK Craig Kimbrel

Before They Were Great Relics
BGR-TG Tom Glavine

1989 Topps Mini Die Cut Relics
TMR-DMU Dale Murphy
TMR-FM Fred McGriff
TMR-GM Greg Maddux
TMR-TG Tom Glavine

Postseason Performance Relics
PPR-CKI Craig Kimbrel
PPR-FF Freddie Freeman
PPR-JU Justin Upton

In the Name Relics
ITN-BM Brian McCann
ITN-CKI Craig Kimbrel
ITN-FF Freddie Freeman

Strata Cut Signature
SCS-WS Warren Spahn
SCS-WS1 Warren Spahn

Rookie Card Manufactured Patch Image Cards
RCP-25 John Smoltz

Spring Fever
SF16 Freddie Freeman
SF28 Justin Upton
SF40 Jason Heyward
SF41 Craig Kimbrel

Spring Fever Autos
SFA-DS Deion Sanders
SFA-TG Tom Glavine


  1. The Brian McCann situation is the type of thing that's bothered me for a number of years. Anybody who follows baseball knew that there was a good chance that McCann would be elsewhere in 2014, so why wouldn't Topps leave him for series 2? If he stays in Atlanta, no harm, no foul.

  2. If I were to collect this set -- which I am not -- I would be interested in about 7 percent of this list. Basically anything that's a base card and maybe, depending on what they look like, an insert. Flagship, as I've said before, is a one-night stand to me now.

  3. I pre-ordered the team set, which doesn't even include the League Leader cards. After seeing the checklist, and considering what I paid, I wish I had just waited until later to try to pick them up at an upcoming show from a dime/quarter box.

  4. Just when 2013 started to show promise, this disaster comes out. Ugly base design, too many ugly parallels, and laziness all around. I hate you Topps.

  5. sweet mother... are you freaking kidding me? 59 inserts? and that doesn't include the blue, red, black, purple, orange, camo, gold, plaid, upside down, blank back, and inside out parallels???