Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Glavine Hidden Gems

One of the unfortunate aspects of collecting rookie cards of more recent Hall of Fame candidates is that many of the players on the ballot came into the majors during the junk wax era. Still...there's some good investments out there, as well as other odd-ball items that, though they won't put your children through college- neither will they put you in the poor house.

Here's a few hidden gems of Tom Glavine, who should be announced as a Hall of Fame inductee today.

1987 Sportflics Atlanta Braves Team Preview #24

You thought Glav's first major league card was out of '88 products. So did I, until I discovered this loaded lenticular. You can get one of these for about a buck and be the only kid on your block to own one. 

1988 Topps Sticker #44/226 With Dave Schmidt

Looking more like a mini, these stickers are 'on card'- if you will. The backside is an actual card of a player. Another cheap addition that will set you back a couple of bucks on eBay.

1988 Staring Lineup Talking Baseball

Another odd-ball that I wasn't aware of until a couple of days ago. This one is up for sale on the 'Bay for a cool $150. 

This seller's talkin' out of my price range!

1988 Topps Tiffany

If you've been collecting very long, you're aware of the Tiffany's. Beautiful cards, but still not that tough to get. Might want to go for the Score Glossy, which is much more rate. Expect to pay $15-$50 for a nice Tiffany.

1988 Topps Cloth Test-Issue

The Grand Daddy of Tommies. Another one that's up for grabs on eBay. The price... only $1100. It's time for me to get a part-time job to supplement our income so that I can afford this bad boy.

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