Monday, January 6, 2014

I'll Trade You This... 2010 Heritage SPs

So after going through my collection a little over a month ago, I decided it was time to get rid of some stuff. Half-completed sets, singles, whatever. I just want to get rid of things that are taking up valuable space. And I'm hoping that my readers can help me out...I'm going to start a feature in which I'm going to throw out (not literally) a card- or cards-  and see if I can generate some trades. I might include a list of specific items I'm looking for, or I might just ask what you will offer. As a general rule, though, I am looking to pick up Braves cards from 1995-2007. There isn't a need for base Topps (save some of the inserts), but most other brands are needed.

This first group of cards I'm going to offer up will be as individual cards- or if the only interest anyone shows is as a lot, then I'll trade them as such....

2010 Heritage SPs
429 Tim Lincecum
434 Brett Anderson
437 Checklist
443 Phillies Team
449 Hank Blalock
452 Cliff Pennington
455 Bronson Arroyo
461 Joe Maddon
464 Albert Pujols
469 Derek Jeter
472 Ichiro MVP
476 Dustin Pedroia MVP
480 Cole Hamels MVP
481 Manny Ramirez MVP
484 Roy Oswalt MVP
490 Shane Victorino
491 Jason Bay
493 Joe Mauer
495 Roy Halladay

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