Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Series 1

My wife and daughter are away for a few days- winter retreat for sixth through twelfth grades at the school my daughter attends (my wife is supervising the sixth grade girls). So what better way to spend an evening than dinner and some cards!!

After work I met my son and took him out for dinner, and then planned to go out on a run to Target to see if they had any of Series One. I might complain about their ever expanding checklists and gimmicks, but there's still some entertainment value in opening up a couple of packs- especially when it's the first set of the new year.

Anyway- after a (very) long day, I decided against the Target thing and instead came home to...nothing. Quietness. The State of the Union Address. Ugh. At least there's coffee.

To fill that void (no cards to open- although, yes, there's a void by my wife being gone), I've decided it's time to roll out the initial post for 2014 Chops Series 1. If you missed the 'Preview' card of Freddy Garcia, I'll provide you with this link. I'm happy to say that Atlanta did just sign the Chief to a minor league deal last week.

'twill be interesting to see if the Lord of BABIP (batting average on balls in play), Mr. Chris Johnson, can follow up his ridiculous 2013 season where he hit .394 on balls which landed in play for hits. Johnson didn't hit many homers (he finished with 12), making his total BABIP numbers even more impressive.

Happy belated birthday to Julio Teheran, who just turned 23 yesterday. Having decided that I'm going to be trying to complete some of the mid to high-end team sets, Juuuuuulio is a candidate to be the guy whose card I do pick up from those sets. I truly believe he is going be the one who continues the rich Atlanta pitching tradition.

If it's not Julio, then this is the guy who is most likely to be The One who I will pick up cards of just to have one of (fill in set name here).

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