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It didn't take long for us to realize that adorable child of ours was selfish. Perhaps it was our view of what theologians call original sin; or, maybe it was that moment he saw another child going for one of the toys in the room (which, by the way, he had ignored the past two weeks), grab said toy, hold it tight to his chest and declare, "MINE!" Whatever the moment of revelation, rather than raising a narcissistic sociopath, we decided to teach him about the concept of sharing. After all, how could we expect him to become a responsible member of society- whether it be in a family (sharing living space, among other things), a team (sharing the ball, the field/court) or workplace (office space, work loads)- or to become a generous individual, without such a trait?

That being said, we also taught him how there will be times when it's okay to not share and the importance of an individual's personal property. Civics 101 at an early age, ya know.

While most of the cardboard we collect emphasizes the individual, there's also cards where individuals share a moment in time or share cardboard space with another. As I was looking through one of my binders that contains cards from the '80s, I realized how often Dale Murphy shared cardboard space with some of his peers. Who says that the '80's were defined by selfishness?

Sharing the Spotlight
1986 Fleer #635 Braves Dynamic Duo

Sharing the Accolades
1986 Fleer #640 N.L. West Sluggers

Sharing Contacts Checklists
1986 Fleer Stickers #132

Sharing MVP Stories
1988 Fleer #639 N.L. All-Stars

Sharing Cramped Space
1988 Topps Stickercards (minis) #18 & #65

1990 Topps Stickercards (minis) #42

Sharing a Title (Best in Baseball)
1987 Sportflics Tri-Stars  #155 
** This card also featured Kevin McReynolds and Eric Davis

Let's not forget the importance of individual space- even if there's room for the inclusion of others.

 Both of these cards are strictly Murph.
1987 Sportflics #3

1988 Sportflics #170

That'll do it for our lesson today. I'm always happy to share any doubles I might have. Otherwise, you can't have them- they're MINE!

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