Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cardboard, Fashion and...Shallow Hal?

"Uncle Larry's hooked on ice again, he seems to be stuck in the 80's. He wears his Members Only jacket, 'cause he thinks it turns on all the ladies."~ Sheryl Crowe's 'Members Only'

In the 2001 romantic comedy Shallow Hal, Jason Alexander's character (Mauricio Wilson) is ridiculed by Rosemary Shanahan (played by Gwyneth Paltrow) for the jacket he is wearing.

"Is that a Member's Only jacket?" she asks.

 "Yes," he replies.

"I guess you must be the last member."


Perhaps that reference means nothing to you- but for those of us who were teens (or older) during the 80's, that's as funny as it gets when it comes to fashion from that time period.

It was during that decade that, if you were a preppy male, you pretty much had to wear one of the company's racer jackets- with its front breast pocket and glorious shoulder epaulettes.

Well, like all trends (Fashion) the jacket died a fairly quick death. Sure, every once in a while you would see some 60-something year old wearing one, but those were few and far between.

The one-time symbol of wealth and popularity among not only preppy teenage boys, but that of yuppie adult males, has made a comeback in recent years. It can now be found gracing the bodies of the beautiful people of Hollywood. Which makes me want to puke even more. Uh- sorry....going off topic.

Fast forward to the 90s and we have another popular Member's Only product- only this is one that I cared about, deeply. These were cards made exclusively for members who joined Topps' Stadium Club and resembled the fronts of the regular issued cards (different photos, however), while the backs were completely different. The 1991 set, for instance, featured a faux newspaper headline and copy of the player's career highlights.

Back in the day, I actually became a "Charter Member" of this, oh so exclusive club. I felt like one of those preppies (or yuppies) from only a few years prior. Not only did I receive the Members Only cards, but I received the Charter Member cards, as well. Yeah, I felt like Tom friggin' Cruise. Gimme my Ray Bans.


As I have been going through my collection recently, getting it organized, making my lists, I realized that my 1991 Stadium Club Braves team set was missing a few cards. Yes- those cards that were the closest thing I'd ever get to the American Express Centurion (aka the "Black Card") were MISSING!

And so, like Hal and Maurcio hitting the nightclubs, I took to the internet, looking for five specific Braves cards.

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

Go ahead- mock me. Ask me if that's a Member's Only card.

I'll proudly tell you- "Yes, it is."

Ask me if I'm the last member.

You might see junk-era crap. I see beauty.

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