Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Sign

Where does inspiration come from for someone who is completely at a loss for words or ideas? I had sat down at my desk each of the past three days during what I call  my "decompression time,' thumbed through my binders and a box of cardboard that needs to be filed, and yet I still could not think of anything to write. The cure for this block, I found, came in an unlikely threesome: seven pieces of cardboard, a television show, and a magazine.

Frustrated at the inability to write something-anything- I decided that enough was enough, it was time to shut off the computer and turn on Netflix. My viewing choice ended up being an episode of Parks and Recreation which featured guest star Christie Brinkley as the wife of clumsy office 'loser' Jerry Gergich (to say that the couple is a mismatch is an understatement).

Hmm...I forgot that I had yet to post on a recently purchased lot of cards featuring the blonde bombshell and a few former Braves. That will make a nice post- someday.

Fast forward to the very next morning. I stopped by the grocery store on the way to work to pick up a donut to snack on. As I'm waiting in line, I look over and who do I see gracing the cover of the new People magazine? Why, Christie Brinkley (in a swimsuit, of course)- that's who. "Christie at 60!" cries the rag. It's a sign! Those Pinnacle cards that I purchased...that is my calling; they are the ones I am to feature.

 A sign that you spend too much time looking at dudes on cardboard: Thinking, "yeah, he's a good-looking guy; he could be a model."

 A sign that this guy's a rookie: he tells her how much he makes- and she laughs.

A sign of her genius: the original "selfie"


A sign of suavity: the hat- or using cheesy pickup lines ('I want to arrest you for stealing my heart')...


...and still getting the girl!!

  Oh, McGruff- say it ain't so!

A sign of the times: Cooperstown Boys

My initial thought was, "She can't be 60!" But then I remembered that those cards I purchased recently are eighteen years old, putting her at forty-two at the time. She might have looked a lot younger then, but Christie at sixty doesn't look too bad, either.


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  1. Talk about a blast from the past. This insert set is awesome! And so is Christie. You have no idea how many times I drooled over her in Vacation.