Tuesday, February 18, 2014

One Score and Zero Years Ago: 1994 Ultra Braves

There's gold in them thar hills cards. Gold foil, that is.

While the two previous Ultra products contained gold foil on the card fronts, complimenting the other colors in the design, the '94 release contains too much gold foil, in my opinion. The players name, team name, position, the Ultra logo and oh, yes- let's throw in a gold foiled strip along the bottom of the card (just for good measure).

And so the back of the card doesn't look out of place, there's also yet another gold foiled strip running from top to bottom along the left edge as well as the card number and player name in gold in the lower left corner. Card backs also feature three photos of the player, along with his 1993 stat line and career totals.

Best Card Front:

If it seems like I've featured Mark Lemke as the 'best card front' before, you're right; I have. It's become one of the mysteries of the universe. This photo just screams "Coolness." You've got the beard, the eye-black, double ear-flap, and of course Lemmer gettin' dirty. Even his hands signal, "Safe!" He is the King of Coool.

1994 Ultra Braves
147 Steve Avery
148 Steve Bedrosian
149 Damon Berryhill
150 Jeff Blauser
151 Tom Glavine
152 Chipper Jones
153 Mark Lemke
154 Fred McGriff
155 Greg McMichael
156 Deion Sanders
157 John Smoltz
158 Mark Wohlers
442 David Justice
443 Mike Kelly
444 Ryan Klesko
445 Javier Lopez
446 Greg Maddux
447 Kent Mercker
448 Charlie O'Brien
449 Terry Pendleton
450 Mike Stanton
451 Tony Tarasco
452 Terrell Wade

Home Run Kings
8 David Justice
10 Fred McGriff
11 Ron Gant

Strikeout Kings
3 Greg Maddux
5 John Smoltz

RBI Kings
8 David Justice
9 Ron Gant

Ultra All-Stars
12 Fred McGriff
18 David Justice
19 Tom Glavine
20 Greg Maddux

Second Year Standouts
8 Greg McMichael

All-Rookie Team
5 Ryan Klesko
6 Javier Lopez

Award Winners
18 Greg Maddux (Top Glove)
23 Greg Maddux (Cy Young)

League Leaders
9 Tom Glavine


  1. I miss the "simple" days of baseball cards.

    1. So do I, Colbey. I'm actually more focused on 90s cards than current cards.