Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Fine Print

I recently posted about my new-found interest in preview cards from the 90s (well, at least the ones that feature a photo that varies from the regular issued card). I even used a photo of a David Justice '91 Studio Preview from the COMC site; I had just ordered it from their site and thought I'd get a jump start by using their picture, rather than waiting for mine to arrive.

About a week later, I discovered that Justice also had a card in the 1991 Donruss Previews. A quick search of eBay pulled up a couple of hits.

 Oooh- there's one!!! Wait, what? $29.97 for a graded Donruss card? This is junk wax era, we're talking about.

Not willing to pay that kind of coin for something of that ilk. No way. Let's look again- after all, it pulled up two hits...

So I clicked back to the search and there it was: a FIVE CARD LOT with David Justice- for only $1.20!!! You can imagine how quickly I jumped on all over that one. I can't remember the last time I felt so giddy.

Well, my giddiness didn't last too terribly long. Sometime after I submitted my payment I realized that what I had purchased was actually a lot of STUDIO previews. D'oh!

There it was, plain as the nose on my face- and I still didn't recognize what I was buying. I guess it really is true: be sure to read the fine print.

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  1. Maybe this is the sign you've been waiting for... to go out and build this preview card set. Not the worst set you could build.