Friday, February 14, 2014

Those are Nacho Cards-

-they're mine. But they had been Chris' of Nacho Grande, until he sent them to me in a disastrous trade. Thanks to the USPS, Chris didn't receive the 2008 Stadium Club singles I had sent him (including the Evan Longoria rookie card). This is the second time in the past nine or so months that the post office has destroyed an envelope I have sent to a fellow collector. The first one had a happy ending, so I tried to encourage Chris that there still might be hope. However, after looking at the picture of the envelope, I'm going to go out on a limb and say the cards won't magically appear in his mailbox. I felt horrible upon hearing the news, and he was very gracious in his response.

Okay, so on to the cards Nacho sent...

These weren't all of the treasures that arrived, but some of my favorites. I was always a fan of Collector's Choice, and am in need of most of the Braves from the various years- so, yes, I was thrilled to get some in the package.



Never liked the Jermaine Dye trade in which Atlanta received Tucker. Michael was a decent player- but I would have preferred to see Dye stay with the Braves.


Thanks again, Chris, for the trade- and I'm still wanting to find some stuff to send to you!

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