Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toys in the Attic. Er, Mailbox

"In the attic, lights. Voices scream. Nothin' seen, real's the dream...Leaving the things that are real behind. Leaving the things that you love from mind. All of the things that you learned from fears. Nothing is left for the years."~ Toys in the Attic, Aerosmith

Call me insane, but I really miss 90s cardboard. It was the decade of innovation and what was produced were pieces of art on canvas measuring 2.5" x 3.5". You might say they have "character"- to borrow that word that's used to describe old houses.

Take the 1991 Toys 'R Us cards, for example. Lots of colors, black border (consider the times then), the Toys name clearly spelled out. They may not have been innovative, but they were a stand alone set- not just purple parallels of the base set. 

I received a shipment from COMC yesterday that was exclusively early 90s cardboard. Included in that package were these three Braves, including the 1990 N.L. ROY, David Justice.

None of the "same old, same ol'" here.

To reiterate, what a shame that we don't get a unique box set from Topps and Toys 'R Us. Instead, we get this...

The whole thing has left me feeling a bit crazy.


  1. I'm with you on this. I miss the days of the "bespoke" set printed especially for a retailer. I liked collecting the Kay-Bee Toys sets, the Walgreens sets, the Toys R Us sets, etc., rather than "chasing" the parallel sets across God's creation...

    1. Yep- there was a lot of great little boxed sets back then. You can buy just about everyone of those things for the price of a box of current stuff, and have a lot more fun breaking those open!