Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Trade in Your Cards for These Valuable Prizes!

Every once in a while I like to live on the wild side and search the vintage bargain bins on the 'Bay. I'm not talking about regular-issued Topps cards from [choose your year]; what I'm referring to are those ones you don't see every day. Well, unless you search the internet, that is. One such set- and one which I've long wanted to purchase at least one card from- is the 1960 Lake to Lake Dairy Braves.

 My desire for these cards has always been extinguished by the premium prices attached to them. Cards on the lower end of the spectrum usually run anywhere from $17-25 (although I did recently see one for $4), while the higher priced singles will anywhere from $80 for graded commons to hundreds of dollars for an Aaron or Spahn. Then there's the complete set with an asking price of $1500. Thanks, but I think that reprint set looks awful appealing.

Well, on this recent treasure hunt of mine, I came across a three-card lot which included Johnny Logan (autographed!!), Red Schoendienst and a Del Crandall with the opening bid price of 99 cents.

Oh, yeah- did I mentioned they're in poor shape? Like, corners torn. Perhaps that's why I was able to get them for the price of a cup of McDonald's coffee.

  Just look at those first two prizes! Hold on to 20 or 40 cards for 54 years and you can buy yourself a summer home. Or, you can get this cool Pen and Pencil Set or an official Braves Cap!

For sixty of these bad boys, you could have gotten an autographed Braves baseball. Now we're talkin'!

Released as a 28-card set, the cards were originally stapled to milk cartons and could be redeemed for 'valuable prizes,' as the back of the card states. Once redeemed, the cards had a hole punched in the corner. Needless to say, the staple and hole punches created nightmares for condition-minded collectors. Which, obviously, I'm not.

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  1. Love vintage oddballs. The fact that they're torn only add character to the cardboard. Nice pickups.