Friday, March 14, 2014

A Golden Opportunity to Promote the Hobby. Wasted.

So I was all set to schedule a Food-Issue Friday post when I discovered our local ABC affiliate had ran a brief piece on the card show that took place this past weekend. If you've read my first post regarding this show, you will remember I referred to it as being stale. I was hoping that at least a little love on the news would stir up some interest among new dealers- or heck, maybe even bring some new folks into the hobby.

Unfortunately, the folks at FOX-9 picked the wrong weekend to attend one of the card shows for their feature. The weather was beautiful and (as you can tell by the 'crowd'- mostly dealers) very few turned out for the event.

(Sorry it's not a YouTube video that will allow streaming. But the link does feature a media player on their website. )

I'd like to end this on a positive note; I mean, who likes to read just negative news? I wish I had some other cards to show off from my time there at the Big Show, but I don't. I've already showed them off in three previous posts.

Well, here's some good news: at least there are cards with 'girls on them.' Tee-hee.


  1. Hey Chop Keeper -- tomorrow, I'm going to a charity auction where one of the items up for bid is a group of 5 balls signed by the Braves Rotation from 2006 or 2007 I think. I feel obliged to bid on it.

    1. That sounds interesting. Huddy and Smoltz- you can't go wrong with those two!